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About Jennifer Guetta

Speaker, Author & Biblical Archaeologist

Jennifer Guetta is a Dutch-American speaker, author and Biblical archaeologist, who had a supernatural encounter with Jesus. She spent years digging for the truth about the Bible until one day she was confronted by an invisible world. In the midst of her battles Jesus revealed himself in dreams and set her free. She was then called to GO and plant hope in the hearts of men by showing that God is REAL and miracles transcend science. She founded Plant Hope Israel and travels the world telling her testimony to glorify her savior. Her heart is to illustrate Gods supernatural power, restore history, celebrate the Biblical feasts and to build bridges between Israel and the church.

“For more than twenty years I studied the Bible rationally, investigating the origin of the Biblical narrative through exegesis, theology and archaeology. But nothing could have prepared me for what I discovered after we were attacked by the occult and saw the invisible world from up close. I soon found out the world we live in, was very different than I expected.

God cornered this archaeologist. Miracles truly transcend science. When an archaeologist is confronted by the spirit realm everything changes and interpretations have to be reassessed. The supernatural breaks through all logic. Once you know Jesus really is alive everything changes and there is no way back. Your eyes have been opened. Even if you close them you will always know God is real. So it is when you have experienced the spirit world. God’s power cuts through all theological minimalism and obliterates biblical interpretations made by man.”

– Jennifer Guetta

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