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Jennifer Guetta is an international speaker, author and biblical archaeologist. Raised in The Hague in Netherlands, she moved to America at age nine and lived for two years in Wisconsin. As a teenager she moved to Dallas, TX at Christ for the Nations Institute. She later moved back to Holland and also lived and worked in Israel. She has an MA from Leiden University and worked for six years as the supervisor of the Megiddo Expedition in Israel. She spent years excavating in the most beautiful places in Israel and was in the middle of the hottest debates about archaeology and the Bible. In 2000 she became the executive director of OPTIN (the Organization for the Promotion of Trade Israel-Netherlands), a non-profit organization promoting trade between Israel and the Netherlands. Jennifer taught many classes and has written four Dutch children’s books called: “The Treasure of Zion.” In 2002 she converted to liberal Judaism, and married Eliahu Guetta on top of Armageddon, and they had one daughter.

Jennifer spent years digging for truth and looking for answers about the Bible, until one day everything changed. In 2013 Jennifer had a confrontation with the spirit world through kabbala and was confronted by an invisible world. For five months she was attacked by demons and tried everything to get rid of them. Nothing worked, except for the name of Jesus. In the midst of her battles she called Jesus name and he revealed himself in dreams and visions and set her free. Jesus then called her to Go! plant hope in the hearts of men by showing that God is real, still speaks today and that miracles transcend science. Jennifer started Plant Hope Israel, organizes the Biblical feasts, and testifies throughout the world about the wonders of God so that every person will know that Jesus is alive and loves them. She longs to see the gifts of the Holy Spirit released in the lives of people, to restore history, educate on the spirit realm, stimulate unity in the church and between Israel and the church.

“Then you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”
– John 8:32