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Below you will find background information about the book Awestruck by Glory and discover amazing truths about the spirit realm, archaeology and the Kingdom of God.

Secrets of the Spirit RealmThe Secret of DreamsSecrets of Biblical ArchaeologySecrets of the Biblical Feasts
Can All Religions be Right? Dreams, Gates to the Spirit RealmSon of God in Dead Sea Scrolls Why should Christians celebrate Passover?
Reincarnation Debunked Characteristics of DreamsHow to study the past and the supertural About Shabbat
Spirit Guides Debunked Dreams from GodThe archaeology of Psalm 91Shabbat and the Shekinah
Near Death Experiences Advice on dreams Return to ArmageddonThe Power of the Exodus
Where did evil come from?Distinguishing between good and bad dreamsA word on superstitionShavuot and Pentecost, a supernatural day
Mind control and Universal ConsciousnessDreams in the BibleWhy Stuff MattersThe many facets of the Feast of Trumpets
HealingDreams in the Old TestamentRewriting HistoryThe Feast of Trumpets and Revival
11:11 Repeated NumbersDreams in the Prophets Science will never replace God, Mr. Brown. The Feast of Trumpets and the Coronation of the King
Gematria and Hebrew LettersDreams in the New TestamentVisibility of christiansThe Feast of Trumpets, a Thief and a Bride
Fighting demons in your dreams
The Hebrew GoddessYeshua and DreamsIs religion to blame for violence?Secrets of Awestruck by Glory
More on kabbalaMeaning of DreamsWhy does God allow evil?
Nephilim Not knowing is dangerous Does evil exist?
Narnia is Real A Spiritual Reality Scenes taken out:
Signs witchcraft is attacking you Stuff, your house and the Bible The Fake angel
Inviting Angels Dream Plant Hope IsraelThe story of flow
Inviting Strangers to your House In His Name
Tolerance vs Love The battle for the mind

“And you will know the truth,

and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32 (ESV)