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Passover 2015, video’s

In 2015 we celebrated a miraculous Passover in which Jews and christians, and many denominations came together to bless God, glorify Yeshua and bless one another. The road to this Passover was a miracle and included 14 dreams in 3 different countries and with different people. The complete story can be read in: Awestruck by Glory, and the fall of Jezebel. Below are the video’s of this Passover.

Dutch video compilation of the entire evening made by Family 7 TV:

Dutch documentary about the miracles and dreams around Passover/Nederlandse documentaire over de wonderen die zijn gebeurd tijdens Pesach 2015, met interviews met medewerkers en gasten. Het verhaal achter het verhaal:

The beginning of Passover 2015 with the Shofar and the song Via Dolorosa:

Our main song: “Eenheid met met mij” (unity with me) and opening speeches:

Passover 2015, Shma Israel:

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