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The archaeology of Psalm 91

Throughout history Psalm 91 has been associated with supernatural protection and deliverance from evil. Evidence of its use for protection and against demons has been found in archaeology and in Jewish tradition.

Psalm 91 has been found on ancient Jewish amulets (5th to 6th century AD) and magical incantation bowls (6th to 9th century AD) used to ward off evil spirits.

To certain texts from the book of psalms special power was attributed to protect people from demonic threat and evil.” (Dr. G. Vreugdenhill pg. 1.).

In Judaism demons are well known and the Talmud describes their characters and warns against them. Many amulet and prayers have been made against these demons. The most famous one is Psalm 91 and evidence of its use for protection against demons has been found in archaeology throughout different times. In Irak and Iran archaeologists have uncovered more than 2000 magic bowls from the 6th-8th century AD with texts in Aramaic written in spiral form. In the middle is often a drawing of the demon bound by chains. The bowls were found face down, and were usually located under the threshhold of a door or courtyard or in the corners of houses and graveyards. Interesting they placed the bowls in the doorways…. the main place where I experienced them (see doorways and gates and the book Awestruck by Glory).

The texts describe magical incantations against demons, and specifically Lilith. The bowls also have Psalm 91 written on them. Most archaeologists believe they were used as a form of house protection, capture the demons and to protect pregnant women, and mothers with young children.

In the Dead Sea scrolls Psalm 91 was mentioned as an antidemonic hymm and a blessing for the righteous against threatening dangers (Qumran 11Q11).

In the New Testament Satan tempts Jesus with the words from Psalm 91 (Mat. 4:1-11, Luke 4:1-13).

In the Jewish Talmud this psalm is referred to as a: “song for the possessed” and reciting it will bring protection against demons and intended as a Psalm before going to bed. “Given the Aramaic paraphrase of Psalm 91, the later rabbinic understanding of it, and its quotation in the temptation of Jesus, the appearance of Psalm 91 in 11Q11 (the Dead Sea Scrolls) strongly suggest that the psalm was understood as an exorcism psalm not only at Qumran but among Jews in the time of Jesus.” (Craig A. Evans. 2011, 541,55 see below, and G. Vreugdenhill, 2013).

A lot of research has been done about this Psalm and its use in spiritual warfare. Most archaeologists study it thinking it is only superstition of the Jews at that time. However, from my experience with the spirit realm I learned that these demons are very realm and that indeed Psalm 91 is a very powerful Psalm against demons, especcially when it is prayed in the name of Jesus. When I was attacked by demons, Jesus led me to read this Psalm out loud and it protected me from their attacks.

The Bible is very real and every word is still relevant for today.

The Supernatural Power of Psalm 91.

Pray PSALM 91

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