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Dreams: Gates to the Spirit Realm

In Awestruck by Glory you can read about the hundreds of dreams and visions we had. During that time, it felt like we caught a glimpse of the spirit world through our dreams. These dreams were like a gate in which the spirit realm reached us with images and words. Some of these dreams were influenced by the darkness, some were given by God. Interestingly we often had good dreams and bad dreams right after each other, or the other way around. Two years after this happened to us my husband and I went to a Christian conference and a famous prophet prayed over us. He told us that we had been to the other side. This is precisely how we felt. The dream world is definitely a portal to another dimension, and spirits can influence you this way. God is Lord of the spirits and his dreams are the most clear.

Have you ever seen the movie Avatar? In the movie the characters go to sleep and in their dreams go to another world where there are beings with superpower strength. This is similar to what we experienced it. However, there was a big difference, in the other world there was no peaceful creatures who offer superpower (although demons do that), instead there were two forces at war: light and dark, good and bad.

Both dark and light can reach you through dreams, so it is important to distinguish “who” your dreams are coming from.

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