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Yeshua and Dreams

There are many real life stories of people who had unexpected dreams of Yeshua himself, all over the world. These dreams are very real. These are not dreams from people who have prior knowledge of him. When they experience Jesus in dreams they know without a doubt that it is him and he is the only way to God. They risk everything for him, they often lose their family, their friends, their house and country.  And instead of being silent about their dreams they go and tell the world.

“One dream from Jesus, and you know without doubt that he is the only way and he gives you the courage for life.” Jennifer

Follow me!

There are people from all different religions who had dreams about a man in white who comes to them and says: “Follow Me” (see Awestruck By Glory, the story of Sima). In those dreams they have no prior knowledge of Yeshua, and have never heard the words “Follow Me” before. They are amazed by a sudden wave of glory which comes over them and invades their normal dream life. After the dream they have great courage and determination, often giving up everything in their life to follow Yeshua. They know without a doubt that the dream they had was from God. They leave their countries, their families and follow the God that came to them and spoke to them in their dream.

I understand how they feel, because it is getting a touch of the divine. One dream from Yeshua and your life changes forever. Interestingly it is only Yeshua who is showing up in the dreams of Muslims, Hindu’s, Jews and Buddhists all over the world. It is not the other way around! Allah, Shiva and Buddha are not appearing in the dreams of Christians.

Yeshua is very real, and is part of the God that created all the world, and he is alive and still calling people all over the world through their dreams to follow him. 

There are also many people, especially Christians, who experience God speaking to them through dreams. However, when God speaks, the supernatural realm of God’s only comes through Yeshua.

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