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11:11 Repeated Numbers

Throughout the time that the story in Awestruck by Glory took place we were continually harassed by the repetition of numbers everywhere we went. During the day we were confronted by numbers such as: 11:11 or 22:22. Or 3:33 etc. Every night at exactly 00:00 the cat would start meowing trying to come in the house. When we woke up from strange dreams we often noticed the clock had a certain number repeating itself. In the middle of the day we would see 15:15, 16:16 etc. This wasn’t a game or a movie! It felt like demons were stalking us and playing on our fear with the numbers. However, the strange thing was that we also noticed that when we had dreams from God we also saw numbers. And that the numbers had special meaning.

I wondered for a very long time how the numbers worked and whether they were from God or from demons. My conclusion at the moment is that playing with numbers is one of the ways of communication in the spirit realm. Originally, the meaning of numbers were from God and He used them to tell people things, but fallen angels have found a way to use the numbers to communicate with humans as well. They are now doing this all over the world to make people think it is God trying to tell them something. They are using the things of God to deceive people and lead them astray. There are people all over the world from all different religions and also unbelievers, who are experiencing the repeated numbers. Occultists call them “angel numbers” and say they are angels speaking to you. This could be true, but the question is: What type of angel? Online there are hundreds of testimonies of people who are experiencing this.

This is how it works: people will see a number that is repeated around them continually, and then they will associate special things with the number. Slowly they start to realize that it cannot be coincidence and that it is an outside force telling them something and eventually this leads them to make certain conclusions about what God wants them to do. It can be God, or angels, but very likely today, it can also be the wrong angels.

It is very confusing, because God speaks this way too and it becomes difficult to know who is doing this. Several movies have already been made about this phenomenon (ie. 23), usually making the people believe that the “fallen” angels are good and try to get them to do something. So beware of following signs through numbers, because demons can easily deceive you this way. But the numbers are originally from God. God can also repeat himself around us, and give us signs of confirmation with numbers, but He first speaks through the Holy Spirit and Yeshua. Without the Holy Spirit, it is very likely a fallen angel trying to tell you something. However God does not need the numbers to speak to you, because He can also come to you directly through the Holy Spirit in you. When Yeshua comes, His presence is so overwhelming and powerful, that all the numbers are only a small thing.


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