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Inviting Angels

In today’s society there are different ways to invite angels into your house. Somehow inviting angels has become common and acceptable and people think that when they are in need angels can come to help them. All over the world people invite angels through meditation, cards, charms, songs or all kind of techniques. There are even websites people can click on that give their names and invite angels to come!

Don’t do it! It is a trick and a lie.

Here is why:

In the spirit realm there are two kinds of angels.

  1. Good angels follow Yeshua, and are messengers of God. There are different kinds and do not operate on their own.
  2. Fallen angels are angels which fell from heaven and followed the angel Lucifer, also known as the devil, satan. He is very real, and so are fallen angels. Due to evil, they have become different kinds of demons and dwell in the invisible dimension around us.  They are simply spirits, without bodies, which try and entice humans to go against God and sin, and to oppress and possess them.

In the spirit realm angels have to keep to the laws that God has made. One of those law is that man has a free will and chooses with his free will who he gives permission to influence him. Therefore, fallen angels need to get permission from the human being to be able to enter them, or oppress them. There are many ways which they use to get permission, but usually it is through sin and deception.

One of the ways which fallen angels use to deceive people to get permission is by inviting angels. The reason is, that they still see themselves as angels (bad ones). So, if you invite angels and do not mention the exact name of the angels, or Jesus Himself, than it is likely you are inviting the wrong angels. These angels will portray themselves, and their images as good, loving and sweet (sometimes with little fluffy wings).

Most of the time that angels are invited, during meditation, or angel cards, charms, angel statues, songs that invite angels, the fallen angels see it as open invitation for them to come into your house. They also like to use the angel websites and any opportunity for people who are desperate for help and offer them their “so-called” assistance.

Do NOT invite angels and let them into your house unless they serve Jesus. If they deny Yeshua exists as the Son of God or speak badly of Him, then it’s a clue to where their loyalty lies. Do NOT go to these websites and invite them to your house. This is a deceiving plan of fallen angels trying to get permission to come to your house.

If you do encounter angels ask them the name of their teacher. If they serve Yeshua, then they come from God. But if they mention any other name, do not allow them in. They are just pretending, and want to manipulate you. They will be very kind in the beginning, but change when you want to get rid of them.

If you would like to invite angels to protect you. Ask Jesus to send His angels and pray Psalm 91 out loud. It is a key to asking God for the protection of angels. When you call upon Jesus for help, He comes with an army of good angels. In the spirit realm Jesus is king, and it is best to focus on the king directly.

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