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Jezebel’s Bait, Tactics the Enemy Uses to Deceive Us

We are in a spiritual battle and it is important to understand the tactics of the enemy so that we can be prepared and not be led astray.  We must not be naïve about these tactics because the enemy is very real. Peter said:

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” (1 Peter 5:8).

Therefore stay alert, and keep an eye out for the tactics of the enemy, so that he won’t mislead  us.

The main goal of the enemy is to mislead us, pull us away from God, keep us from our God given destiny, and ultimately to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). God gave man a free will to choose between good and evil. So the enemy tries to influence your free will  through deception and lies. To achieve this the enemy tries to get our “permission”. When you agree or give permission, it gives the enemy legal leverage over you in the spirit realm.  All he needs is a one minute permission (agreement) so that he can influence, control and in some cases possess you. Therefore it is very important to stay alert and understand how the enemy tries to get our permission.

The spirit of Jezebel is a spirit which works through manipulation, control and witchcraft. She looks for people with influence and power, or people who have a specific purpose or calling from God. She comes to politicians, pastors, directors, managers, and anyone who has a following. Basically she looks for those that she can use to have influence over many others. She also comes to people with a calling for the prophetic. She uses deception and witchcraft to lure the soul away from God and to give her permission so that she can influence them. In general her tactics are the same, but she adjusts her tactics to each personal situation. She is a spirit that works through people (female and male) and this is what makes it so difficult. Remember always that Jesus came to save the people, but he did not accept the enemy. We love the people, but not the spirit behind them.

In the last eight years I have battled Jezebel (read my testimony HERE or the extended version in my book Awestruck by Glory). Below are some of the tactics I have learned that she used to get permission. These are examples from our own experience. Since our deliverance in 2013 , we have heard many stories from other people who experienced this as well. It is very real.

An Angel of Light

When Jezebel comes to deceive us she does not come visible as an “evil demon”, because she knows that we would recognize her as evil and we would not believe her. Instead, she will come disguised as the nicest person you can imagine. She will feel like an angel stepped into your life, at just the right time. As if you met her somewhere before and is part of your family or friends. She will make you feel so special, and call you “sister, brother, son, or daughter.” She will come as an angel, a super loving person, who is there to help you at exactly the right time.

Gifts with a Price

Jezebel works her witchcraft by giving gifts. She will probably give you something that you always wanted, knowing that you will find it impossible to resist. You will ask yourself: “How did she know I wanted that?” She knows our weaknesses and gives these gifts because she knows just the kind of thing we cannot refuse. Someone who loves food, she will give something special to eat. However, the gifts come with a price. When you accept her gifts she sees it as if you are agreeing with her or giving “permission” to her, and as a legal covenant between her and you (compare the witch in the story of Snow White, when she brought her a golden comb in disguise). The gifts she gives can be regular gifts or can have witchcraft spells on them. Do not be deceived by the beauty of material things, they are only physical material.

Getting the rid of the gifts: To stop the influence of Jezebel it is important to get rid of all the gifts. In the Bible King Josiah and Hezekiah had to cleanse their entire country from the influence of Ashera (2 Kings 22-23,2 Chronicles 34-35). In the book of Acts, the disciples also got rid of all items of witchcraft and things associated with evil (Acts 19:19). To get rid of the gifts it is important to pray in the name and the blood of Jesus and to break the permission you gave when you accepted them and also to break all witchcraft and curses attached to them.

False Knowledge, Secrets and Opportunities

Jezebel comes promising you false knowledge about something you always wanted to know. For each person it is different and can be associated with gaining power, knowledge, and wisdom. With us, she used the technology of DNA, the secret of the tree of life, the secret of crystals, the secret of telepathy, the secret of the stars and much more. False knowledge and secrets are the ultimate bait. In the garden of Eden the devil lured Eve by saying she would be like God and know good and evil (Genesis 3). In the same way, Jezebel will promise you something that is: “too good to be true” and it is. Or she will offer you the opportunity of a lifetime and access to something you always wanted to know. When you ask her what it is, she will keep it a little vague and say it is a secret that she can’t tell you everything right away. She will then ask permission first in return for giving you the secret knowledge or opportunity. Many secrets societies and cults work this way, claiming they have the secret of life. All you have to do to join them and receive their knowledge is to give permission. Jezebel can do this for each person individually, and ask permission from someone in return for bestowing upon them the knowledge or giving them the chance of a lifetime. This knowledge or opportunity comes at a great price, access to your soul.

Slowly Integrating into Your Life

Jezebel will leave her belongings in your house, usually promising to pick them up later. Or she will find ways to help you with things you need in your house or your family, and give you advice in order to gain influence in your household, workspace or church. Eventually, she will cover your space-house-church with her stuff and slowly take over. An advanced Jezebel spirit will also hide things in your house that she has put spells on.

A False Savior

In many cases Jezebel will wound her victims first by sending out demons ahead of her. Something will happen in their life where the person is hurt, either by a lost loved one, a lost job, or a fight between people. People hurt one another and get wounded. When things go wrong, we are desperate for help. When we are wounded, there can be a great a need for something. Jezebel will come to the rescue as an angel of light, as if she is your savior. She pretends to know everything you need to out of the situation, and knows how to help you. It is very mean spiritual warfare, because she first hurts the human being (usually by something through another person) and then comes as the angel to pull you out. This is one reason forgiveness is so important. Jezebel can also come as the person who is wounded or needs help that you can offer.

Fighting for your rights

Jezebel often wants people to fight for their rights. She is very legalistic and claims people can get their rights using the justice system. She wounds them first, and then comes to help them to fight for their lost rights. She will influence people to make claims about their rights and forces you to fight for your rights or help you get your rights and sign letters and  contracts. She causes confusion among people and will get them all blaming each other for their wounds. Now, don’t get me wrong. There is justice in the Kingdom of God, and God can use the justice system on earth to set things straight. God loves righteousness. However, the enemy has wounded us all and tries to set us up against one another to claim our physical rights. We have all sinned and at some point in our life we have fallen for the lies of the enemy. That is why forgiveness is so important. When we forgive, we take away the enemy’s claim and rights over that person. We lay our lives and rights down for others. As the Son of God, Jesus gave up all His rights at the cross so we could live.

Manipulation through Fear

Jezebel loves to teach humans in order to manipulate them. She often does this through things that really interest you or by giving advice you are in need of at the time. She longs to teach humans and wants a following of people that she can influence. In a way she is copying Jesus and also wants disciples. She often teaches things associated with God but twists the truth. Manipulating humans through teaching is why she ends up being the center of many closed societies and cults.

Teaching to Manipulate

One of Jezebel’s main tactics to manipulate and control people is to scare them. When people are afraid they are easily influenced and controlled, and they give permission to find a solution. She uses many kinds of fear, for example she will sow stories of fear into your soul by telling you all kinds of things which will subtly make you afraid. Or she uses real people to make something happen that will terrify you and make you run into a specific direction. Or she will implant fear into people that something will happen to someone, or fear of losing your job (or fear of a pandemic virus!) There are many ways she uses fear to manipulate us, therefore, it is important to always put your trust in the Lord. God said: “Do not be afraid for I am with you” (Isaiah 41:10).


The Jezebel spirit uses witchcraft to manipulate her victims. She evokes curses on people and places curses on the items she brings into their house. With this witchcraft she drugs the mind and it feels like you are dizzy and cannot think, focus or read. When your mind is drugged, it makes a person give permission easily because they cannot think. She can also use witchcraft to turn people against you or to influence your materials things (ie. electric items, radio’s, computers, car). It is very evil, because she uses the power of demons against human beings. God utterly hates all kinds of witchcraft and tells us to stay very far away from it (Deuteronomy 18:10-14). There is only one way to break it and that is through the blood of Jesus because only Jesus paid the price for all our permissions. Through His blood you can break all curses, voodoo, etc. Demons flee when you use the blood of Jesus, because they know He already paid the price for your freedom.

Strangely Divine

When there is a Jezebel spirit there is something about them which feels strangely divine. It feels like there is something there which is pulling your soul and interest. You feel there is something supernatural around them which intrigues you. You feel as if an angel is inside them, and you might think that she was sent by God. Actually there is an angel inside them, but it is a fallen angel. She was not sent by God, but by the enemy.


A person with a Jezebel spirit will use sweet words, smooth talk and flattery as a form of seduction for her victims. In some cases this seduction will also be sexual and feel irresistable.

In Your Dreams

Jezebel can come into your dreams and make you think these dreams are your own. Our dreams are not always our own and spirits can influence us in our dreams. Dreams can come from ourselves, or from God or from the enemy. Jezebel can come upon people at night and tempt them by giving them sexually immoral fantasy dreams or offering them things they can’t refuse. These dreams will be very vivid and real and come to the person suddenly. Jezebel can come in different forms, as the image of a loved one, an animal, as a good or bad person or many other things. In the dream she can lure you with something or give you an ecstatic feeling you never thought you had. Her goal is to make you think it is from yourself. When you think it is your own, it gives her permission to stay. You can cast off evil spirits in your dreams by praying the blood of Jesus over yourself and by commanding the evil spirits to leave by the blood of Jesus.

Mysterious clues.

Jezebel likes to leave clues to her identity in a mysterious way so that people will follow the “mysterious”. She leaves the clues all around to see if people will be smart enough realize it is her. Some of these clues are for example the symbols of the moon, rose, tree of life, or they can be names she likes to be associated with, such as ancient “goddesses”. ie. Astarte, Ashera, Lily, Dianna, Isis, Venus etc. The clues are carefully laid out throughout her network and through time.  


Jezebel uses the spiritual legal system to her advantage and asks permission for everything. In the physical world she will come across as a very polite person, who is very kind and asks everything. 

Guilt, Self-Pity and Control

After trying to stop a Jezebel sprit she will try to make you feel guilty so she can gain back control. She pouts and makes you feel sorry for her, as if she is the one that is wounded. Don’t feel sorry for her!

Tolerance and Sexual Immorality

Jezebel comes in “love” and wants us to tolerate everything. When we do that, we tolerate her as well, and allow her access. She wants everyone to accept all things as normal (including sexual immorality). She says it is all about acceptance and she does it in the name of love for one another. However, tolerance is not love. God is love, and He does not tolerate evil. 

What to do if you are in contact with someone who you think is influenced by Jezebel?

Never forget that God told us to love the person and hate the evil spirit. Pray for the person to be set free by the blood of Jesus and love them gently. At the same time, do not let them control you or manipulate you. Pray out loud (with someone) and break all the permissions that you have given her. List everything and do it in the name of Jesus. Only Jesus has paid the price for the permissions and legally she must let you go. Pray also that the Lord will reveal to you where she still has influence and how you can stop her. The Lord has also called us to keep a clean house so it is important to get rid of everything associated with her so that she does not think there are open doors. All items and gifts should leave your house, pray over them and throw them out. If you are not yet a believer in Jesus, ask Him into your heart and invite the Holy Spirit in. Use the authority that Jesus has given you and tell her to leave. Pray over all the doors and windows by the blood of Jesus. Gently, without making her upset, tell the person about Jesus but don’t allow her back in your house.

As Peter says, be aware and alert so you can be prepared. But do don’t be afraid or dwell on the things of the enemy. Instead keep your focus on Jesus. The closer you get to Him, the more the enemy runs. So let His glory surround you.