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Symptoms of witchcraft attacking you

Witchcraft is very real and more common than most people think. All over the world there are attacks from witchcraft, but most of the time people do not know it, or they pretend it is not real. In Africa and the Middle East, there are certainly people who know it is real. But in the West, we pretend it doesn’t exist or is only in the movies. This is like putting your head in the sand in the middle of a war. There really is a spiritual world and witchcraft is no Harry Potter game for kids. It is a serious offence in the spirit realm and a disgrace against God. As a Christian you have the authority to break these attacks.

But it is important to recognize them!

So when you are attacked, you can pray over them and break their power.

According to Derek Prince witchcraft is the attempt to control people and make them do what you want by the use of any spirit, which is not the Holy Spirit. We also know that occultists, the Jezebel spirit, and Lilith spirits often use witchcraft to bring down the defenses of the people they prey upon and manipulate them to do what they want. Actually if there is someone who is manipulating spirits to control people, it is already considered witchcraft. Because the Holy Spirit will not manipulate us. He is a gentlemen and waits till we invite Him. He always respects our free will and will never manipulate humans. God loves us so much that He wants us to choose him with our free will. Therefore any spirit which intrudes on someone else’s free will is not of God.

“Witchcraft is the attempt to control people by the use of any spirit, which is not the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit is God and no one uses God. ” Dereck Prince. The Nature of Witchcraft

Between 2012 and 2015 we experienced an intense attack of witchcraft from a kabbalist. We did not believe in it when it started and therefore were easily manipulated. But we quickly learned that the spirit realm was very real and were rescued by supernaturally by Jesus Himself. In the book Awestruck by Glory I write about the experience:

“The witchcraft caused my mind to become clouded and my eyes to burn. My body was exhausted. Somehow these demons make you tired, and there is a strange pressure along the sides of your head. Witchcraft also attacks your mind. You cannot focus your thoughts, your mind is scattered, and they try to cloud our vision.”

Here is a list of all the symptoms we had from attacks of witchcraft:

  • Burning dry eyes.
  • Dizziness in the head.
  • Clouded mind.
  • Clouded vision.
  • Pressure on the side of your head.
  • Bad Dreams, specifically with strange animals in them (ie. scorpions, monkeys, snakes, centipedes, cats, crabs). For examples see the book Awestruck by Glory.
  • Your hair stands up on your arms.
  • Confusion.
  • Trembling in your chest or eyelids.
  • Trouble focusing, remembering and paying attention.
  • Forgetting who you are and where your are.
  • Complete exhaustion and body that is worn out for no reason.
  • A strange illness.
  • When you sleep you feel a force pushing you down, and you want to scream but nothing comes out of your mouth.
  • Strange voices in your head, telling you to do bad things to yourself or others.
  • Electricity in the house goes haywire.
  • Ravens, crows, hawks are following you.
  • People are attacking you with unfounded accusations.
  • A small headache that lasts for days.
  • Discouraged, depressed, ready to quit.
  • Sometimes these attacks come in waves, certain times or specific places, or when the wind changes.

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