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Prayer for breaking number and character soul ties

Have you knowingly or unknowingly associated yourself with a number or character that might be linked with the occult? Or has someone associated you with a number system or a character? Perhaps using a typological system such as the kabbalistic tree of life, playing cards, the enneagram, horoscopes, astrology, or other character assessment systems. Do you want to break the link between your soul and the number or character?

God loves you and wants to set you free. God has a way for you to unlink your connection with that number or character. He gave His Son Jesus to die on the cross for all our permissions to the darkness. Jesus blood paid the price for our spiritual freedom. By believing in His Son as our Savior, God forgives us of sin, and breaks all demonic soul ties. To those who have already accepted Jesus, he has given authority to break the permissions of the enemy.

If you do not yet know Jesus: Turn to Jesus and ask him to forgive your sins and ask him into your heart (see prayer for accepting Jesus). Then invite the Holy Spirit to fill you and help you fight this battle.

When you have done this, it is time to break the linkage between numbers and characters: Pray OUT LOUD

“Lord Jesus, I turn to you and invite you to help me fight this battle and set me free. I ask you to forgive me for linking my soul to a number and character and I call upon the blood of Jesus. I hereby break these permissions, and specifically…. (name them specifically) in Jesus name. Therefore any spirits connected with these numbers must leave now. Thank you Lord Jesus that your blood paid for my sins and set me free.”

In the name of jesus Amen

If you already know Jesus you can use your authority to break the bond between you and the number or character:

“Lord God, by the blood of Jesus, I ask you to forgive me for connecting my soul to a number or character. In the name of Jesus, I break these permissions (name them specifically) and call upon the blood of Jesus, who paid for my sins. Therefore any spirits connected with these numbers must leave now. Thank you Lord for setting me free!”

In the name of Jesus amen

Praise God for your freedom!

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