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Prayer for breaking permissions with the enemy

The spirit realm is legalistic and works through the laws of permissions and payment. At the same time, God loves us and has given us free will to choose between good and evil. The enemy comes against us to influence our free will and legally get our permission. A permission is an agreement between two parties and is seen in the spirit realm as a legally binding contract. To get permission evil spirits have many tactics based on deception and lies (Click here for examples). Most of the time, we do not know that we have given permission to the enemy, but sometimes it is very clear. Once a permission has been given, the spirit can influence you, control you or even possess you. Permissions can be given through people, dreams, material objects, sin, etc.

Breaking Permissions:

The payment for breaking permissions in the spirit realm is death (Lev. 17:11). Therefore blood is the price that breaks the permissions. Man has given many permissions, and we all have sinned. There is only one way to completely break the permissions with an evil spirit and stay alive: by claiming the blood of Jesus. 2000 years ago Jesus died for us and everyone that believed in Him and claimed His blood could break their permissions and their sins would be forgiven, and they would be set free. When Jesus died, He gave his blood for us so we could live. Only Jesus paid the price for our sins and all our agreements were nailed to the cross (Col. 2:14). In the spirit realm, demons have a long memory and they know that if a human claims the blood of Jesus they have to obey, because the payment has already been made.

Preparing to break the Permissions
  •  Turn to Jesus and ask Him to forgive your sins and the permissions you have given. Invite Him into your heart. Make Him your Lord and Savior, your rescuer, your teacher. (For a specific prayer Click Here)
  • Out loud: ask Jesus to help you.
  • Go back and think about the time and place you gave permission to the evil spirit. You might have done so on purpose, but usually people do so unwittingly. Call on the blood of Jesus to break all permissions you gave to the enemy and ask God to forgive you. Say:

“God, I turn to Jesus and invite Him to help me fight this battle and set me free. I call upon the blood of Jesus to forgive me for making these permissions.”

Prayer for breaking permissions with the enemy

Make sure to always pray OUT LOUD. Write the prayer on paper and read it out loud. It should include all the permissions you gave.

TO: ………. (Name the evil spirit; if you don’t know its name, just say “demon”)

I hereby break the permission that I gave you over.. my body. I hereby break the permission that I gave you over my house. I hereby break the permission that I gave you over my family, I hereby break the permission that I gave you over my stuff etc. (for example, my car, specific material things, my friends, my finances. Be specific and mention as many things as you can, even the ones you are not fully sure about).  

In the name of Jesus, I break these permissions and call upon the blood of Jesus, who paid the price for my sins. Therefore you must let me go. Leave now.

I do this in the name of the God of Israel and Jesus.

… (sign your name)

Be persistent. If the demon doesn’t want to leave, do it again, and make sure he knows you are serious and that you believe what you are saying. Tell it you claim the blood of Jesus and break the permissions you gave. Then call upon Jesus to help you. Ask Jesus to fill your body and your house with His Holy Spirit so that there is no empty spaces for spirits to come back. If they try to come back, remind them that you already broke the permissions and that they have to obey Jesus. Get help and find Christians to pray with you. Click here for a complete list of things to do.

In the book Awestruck by Glory you can read the story of how the enemy deceived us and how we broke the permissions and you will find a complete list of all the things we did to break the permissions of the enemy and what you can do.

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