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I wholeheartedly recommend this fantastic book to you. Awestruck by Glory shows the glory of God and the magnificent things Jesus has done for Israel. Read it and you will learn how to overcome fear and receive practical, Biblical keys to engage in spiritual warfare. This book exposes the enemy and the keys in this book will set the captives free!

Mattheus van der Steen, CEO Harvest Fields International

“If you find yourself wondering whether the supernatural is real, or whether modern science and archaeology could blend with faith, this fascinating story is for you. A real-life drama of encountering death, overcoming fear and exposing occultic lies, discovering keys to victory and a hope that is available for anyone, anywhere. Read about angels, Jezebel, Kabbalah and the true Tree of Life in this, the first-hand account of an archaeologist and a scientist whose encounters with the supernatural turned their world upside down. This captivating account proves that it is time to open our eyes and live in the light, peace and truth we were made for!

– Sarah Singerman, P.A. of Asher Intrater, Revive Israel team

 “But what you read in this true story, Awestruck By Glory, will make you knowledgeable of the reality of the demons attached to Kabbalah and other areas. The good news is that the freedom and experiential knowledge that I have and that the Guetta’s have is waiting for you.”

– Sid Roth, Host It’s Supernatural

 “Jennifer’s own conversion story reads like a Frank Peretti novel and I couldn’t put it down. Each chapter filled me with a sense of awe and wonder about God’s goodness.”

Dr. Arleen Westerhof, Founder of the Netherlands Prophetic Council

“Jennifer shared her riveting testimony with our congregation, Tiferet Yeshua. People were amazed, encouraged, and, even more than that, anxious to share Jennifer’s revelations about the dark world of Kabbalah with friends and family members who, like many Israelis, have been taken in by Jewish mysticism. Furthermore, Jennifer’s and her husband’s academic background in archeology and science give her witness an added level of poignancy and credibility. We highly recommend Jennifer to share in congregations here in Israel!”

– Gil and Tamar Afriat (Pastors Kehilat Tiferet Yeshua)

“Archeologist Jennifer Guetta’s book is an eye opener for people who are looking for the truth. It’s a tragic reality that many Israeli seekers are looking for truth in the wrong places. Jennifer not only found the One who IS the truth, Yeshua, but is committed to show believers and seekers for truth how dangerous and devious the world of the occult is. I highly recommend her book but also her testimony to the Messianic Body of believers.”

Pastor Jan Barendse Sr., representative to Israel for CGI-Holland

 “Jennifer has been connected with our congregation–Kehilat Poriya. We have heard her testimony, and I believe it is very appropriate for Israeli congregations. I encourage you to invite Jennifer to share in your ministries.” In His Name,

-Eric Morey, Founding Elder, Kehilat Poriya

 “Jennifer and Elijah’s story is proof that there is a deadly demonic world—but it offers greater proof how through blood of the ultimate Passover Lamb, we can overcome all the power of the enemy. This story would make a powerful movie.”

– Ron Cantor. CEO Tikkun International

 “Jennifer has written an incredible story that demonstrates the power of Messiah Yeshua in lives today, to rescue and to free people. I was riveted to my chair as I read about what happened to her and her husband. I highly recommend her book to anyone who wants to hear about how God can touch everyone, and how He shows Himself to people today.”

David Friedman, PhD, director Bet Midrash Lev Zion, Jerusalem

“It is golden-edged, revealing and astounding!”

– Jan van den Bosch. TV program Hour of Power in the Netherlands

“In “Awestruck by Glory” the battle between the powers of darkness and the Kingdom of light is depicted very tangible. It will open the door to a great blessing for Israel and the nations.”

– Hans Maat, Director of the Evangelical Work Association within the Protestant Church in the Netherlands

“Whoever allows himself to be carried away by Jennifer’s testimony and the wonderful way God has taken her is impressed by her love for Jesus (Jeshua) and passion for the people of Israel. Her desire to live by the Word of God and her keen insight into the reality of the spiritual powers of evil cannot leave you untouched as a reader.”

– Gerrit Vreugdenhil, Former Pastor St. John’s Church Gouda