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Awestruck by Glory

By Jennifer Guetta

Discover the reality of the supernatural

A Biblical archaeologist is attacked by an invisible force–Escape seems impossible until she makes a breathtaking discovery.

This book demonstrates the reality of the spirit realm through a first-hand account of a Biblical archaeologist, showing that miracles defy science and that God is able to rescue us from the most impossible situations.

A story about archeology and faith, about a Jewish family who comes to know the Messiah through dreams, a modern story of Elijah fighting Jezebel, and an incredible Paul-like conversion of an archaeologist.


Awestruck by Glory: A Testimony of Freedom and Hope

Plant Hope Israel has started a project to translate the book Awestruck by Glory into Hebrew and make a video documentary.

This book tells the testimony of archaeologist Jennifer Guetta and how Jesus saved her supernaturally out of kabbalah and set her and her family free.

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“A Biblical archaeologist’s astounding story of her confrontation with the spirit world and a supernatural experience with Jesus.”

Watch the Trailer!

Do you wonder if there is more?

Is there something that is manipulating us all?

Does coincidence exist or not?

Are your dreams your own or are you being influenced by an invisible force?

Does God still speak through dreams?

Are Miracles Real?

Can the supernatural coexist with modern science?

Is there anything influencing us that is behind all the stories and conspiracies in the world?

“But what you read in this true story, Awestruck By Glory, will make you knowledgeable of the reality of the demons attached to Kabbalah and many other areas. The good news is that the freedom and experiential knowledge that I have and that the Guetta’s have is waiting for you.”

- Sid Roth

Read More – Sarah Singerman, P.A. of Asher Intrater, Revive Israel team

“If you find yourself wondering “Is the supernatural real?” or whether modern science and archaeology could blend with faith, this fascinating story is for you. A real-life drama of encountering death itself, overcoming fear and exposing occultic lies, and discovering keys to victory and hope that is available for anyone, anywhere. Discover ideas such as angels, Jezebel, Kabballah and the true Tree of Life, from the first-hand account of a scientist/archaeologist couple whose encounters turned their world upside down. This captivating account proves not only is it possible to live in awareness of the unseen realm, but the time has come to awaken to our world today, and learn from books like this to live in the light, peace and truth we were made for!”

– Sarah Singerman, P.A. of Asher Intrater,  Revive Israel team

Read More– David Friedman, PhD, Director, Bet Midrash Lev Zion. Jerusalem, Israel

“Jennifer has written an incredible story that demonstrates the power of Messiah Yeshua in lives today, to rescue and to free people. I was riveted to my chair as I read about what happened to her and her husband. I highly recommend her book to anyone who wants to hear about how God can touch anyone and everyone, and how He shows Himself to people today. Her story is so real, so sincere and so wonderful in its outcome. The book is easy to read, well written, flows well and is hard to put down once one starts reading it. Read it to hear a real life experience that two people have had when turning to God for help and direction in life. You will not be disappointed!”

– David Friedman, PhD, Director, Bet Midrash Lev Zion. Jerusalem, Israel