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Testimonies of Awestruck by Glory

We are receiving many testimonies of how Jesus is supernaturally saving people while they are reading the book! Prodigals, doubters, atheists, and new agers are turning to the Lord. As they read the book they are being set free. Several people who were deeply involved in the occult and another person on drugs, read the book and recognized spiritual things they were experiencing and found “The way out” to freedom through Jesus!

What readers are saying about Awestruck by Glory:

“Awestruck by Glory has honestly changed the way I live and view things. Reading this intelligent, academic archeologist experience with darkness opened up the supernatural realm to me in such a profound way. The author gives tremendous hope and shows how God has equipped us to defeat the enemy. I am thankful Jennifer Guetta was courageous enough to write this book to illuminate the darkness around us and encourage believers. She truly brings honor to our Conquering King and has deeply impacted my life. No weapon against us shall prosper! None!!!” (Amazon Review)

 “I finished it in two days and don’t let that leave you indifferent. Highly recommended.”

“Hi Jennifer.  I have been reading your book since Sunday and it touches me so deeply.  I am a woman who had a strict religious upbringing.  Heavily reformed.  Jesus was the Savior I really believed that but I couldn’t do much with it.  Now I’m reading your book and I really understand it. Very special how everything works.  God lives and so does Jesus.  It does a lot and also releases something.  I know the spiritual world and now experience more struggle.”

“Dear reader, followers, the book is SUPER, especially because it is true.”

“Hi Jennifer!  Just wanted to let you know that I just finished your book and learned so much from it.  I recognize myself in many things and I am glad that an experience expert has written everything down, including all the processes that took place during the liberation.  The examples from your experience helped me on my way in how I approach my situation.  Thank you for writing it down!  It has been a great blessing to me and has brought me closer to Jesus as Savior & Conqueror.”

“Read in one piece, until it was finished!!! Awesome!!!”

“Good evening Jennifer, you don’t know me but I just read your book and wow what a testimonial.  God is so good!  I recognize so much… of how the dark works, but especially of how God comes to us and seeks a relationship with us and sets us free.  I got goosebumps regularly and thank God for this book.  I hope and believe that with this God will speak to many hearts and that through this they will come to know His love.”

“I just read your book, that a friend of mine bought . Awestruck by Glory. As I was reading it my jaw dropped because. I’m battling a demon. As I was reading the book, I realized that the description of the half stork, black demon is the same that the God showed me through a vision. I asked God to show me because I couldn’t figure out what it was. I’m so glad I found your book, because now I know I’m not alone or crazy. I’m still battling it’s been hell. I find myself not able to speak to a lot of people about my circumstances because they won’t understand. I just left a cult. Since I left I experienced all the things that I’ve been through, I realized you experienced and showed in your book. I’m glad I’ve got to see that I’m not the only one out there.”

“A remarkable true story. Powerful. She is a overcomer who battled forces and shared details of how she overcame. Her advice and insight is modern day marvel of spiritual battles. I bought numerous copies which we shared with many friends. It was a quick read!” (Amazon Review)

“I have read your book, Truly an eye-opener.”

“Awestruck by Glory is a great book. The Lord used it in my life at a time when I was receiving teaching about “kosher Kabbalah” that I didn’t think was good and was asking for the Lord to show me clearly. During this time, a friend sent me a video of Jennifer talking about this book. I bought it immediately. After reading it, there was no doubt in my mind that I should not receive any teaching on Kabbalah, kosher or not. It is well written and a beautiful testimony to the Love and Faithfulness of our dear Lord Jesus. He is the answer!” (amazon review) Important book!

“From an innocent thirst and search for knowledge to needing to fight for their very lives! And then The Deliverer, Yeshua, shows up, wow. The book has so much packed into so few pages. First is the story, and then comes the help section on spiritual warfare. Every library should have a copy of this book.” (Amazon Review)

“Good book about the forces of evil in our world today. Keeps going at a good pace. Exciting” (Amazon review)  Exciting thriller

“This book is a powerful testimony to the spiritual battle that is currently taking place in the world. If you have any doubts about the existence of God, demons and angels, then this book is highly recommended. Even if you experience a lot of struggle yourself and want to be more effective fighting for God’s Kingdom, this book can mean an important breakthrough. The devil is a big liar. As soon as his works are brought to light, the power is gone. God bless Jennifer and Eliahu for their courage and persistence!”

You won’t put this book down! It’s so exciting and draws you right into the story. A highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about the spiritual world and God’s power!

“What a wonderful book, highly recommended.”

“The book is just out and will be a breakthrough in the world that Jesus desperately needs. It is well written, a real page-turner and true. Very interesting for the unbeliever reader, but certainly also for anyone interested in spiritual warfare!”

“With this book, I have finally found a book that describes some events that also happen have happened in my life. I think Awestruck by Glory is a wonderfully well-written book that quickly read through and to top it all off, the road to Peace is described. (Paul).

“In this great book the author testifies of victory over evil, over darkness, over the invisible powers and forces over which Jesus triumphed! Jennifer gives in this book an honest, candid and courageous account of the entire process she and her family went through went. It is also moving to discover what happens in the spiritual world when start testifying of Jesus: then the evil will be exposed and destroyed! Because ignorance and naivety towards the spiritual world and how the opponent works, make it easy for you to are included in it and this book confronts us with that. It makes it clear to you while reading how wonderful it is to walk in a living relationship with Jesus and what it is to not be alone in To believe Him, but also to let Him be Lord of your life. Everything shows how big and mighty God.”

Powerful unmasking true story. Exciting, Compelling story, unmasking. This true story that this book describes is a powerful  testimony. The real spirit world is pictured so clearly. The darkness is exposed in this book and its danger is real. A book everyone should read. The spiritual world is not fiction but reality. Demons and powers are real! There is only 1 person who can save you from this and that is Jesus. Your savior and savior who took everything upon himself and conquered death. This beautiful book shows that undeniably. A pleasant, easy to read and compelling book that you read in ‘one breath’. Highly recommended.

Interesting book. With this book, I have finally found a book that describes some of the events that also happened in my life. For example, I think of the moments when I woke up in the night and looked at the clock. This was at times like 1:11 am, 2:22 am or 5:55 am and this happened more than ‘just once’. I think Awestruck is a wonderfully well-written book that reads quickly and to top it off the road to Peace is described.

“Awesome! I recommend this product Very special with many recognizable things. I thank God that Jennifer was allowed to write this book and obeyed it. A blessing that this book has come my way.”

This book takes you straight into an adventure with a beautiful ending. Hard to stop when you once starts reading. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.”