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The TV Interview

On January 5, 2014 I was interviewed by Mr. Arie van der Veer on the Dutch television program Nederland Zingt. In the book Awestruck by Glory I describe how God used this interview and helped me to be a witness for Jesus and expose the darkness. The interview was broadcasted exactly one year after Lily left my house. I call this day: VICTORY DAY. Because it was truly a victory for Jesus!

The program makers also integrated film from Megiddo, and unintentionally even showed some of my good friends from Megiddo. The TV program is no longer available online, but below is a picture of the interview and the description that Dutch television added to it at the time

Mr. Arie van der Veer  meets Jennifer Guetta-Peersmann.

A woman with two special professions: she is an archaeologist and a children’s book writer. Jennifer worked as an archaeologist on various excavations in Israel, such as at Megiddo, Ashkelon and Jerusalem. She was fascinated by history from a young age. Jennifer choose to study archeology because she wanted to search for the origins of the Bible. She believed in the holiness of God, but faith in Jesus is increasingly faded into the background.

Until one day the Bible began to live for her. Jennifer made radical choices and became a Christian. But her search is far from over: there are still many questions. The theme of “searching” also plays a big role in the exciting children’s books she writes.