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Jennifer’s testimony has been written in the book Awestruck by Glory and includes many current issues such as the relationship between archaeology and the spirit world, faith vs science, Israel and the Messiah, spiritual warfare and why the Bible is the literal Word of God.

This is an astounding real life story about how a biblical archaeologist and writer, with Jewish background, who spent years undermining the Bible, was suddenly confronted by the invisible world through kabbala. Attacked by evil spirits, demons, and witchcraft she nearly lost her soul and her life. However in the midst of her darkness there was someone unexpected who came to rescue her and one day the very book she used to undermine started coming to life. He revealed himself through his own words and through dreams and visions and pulled her out of the darkness into the light.

A true story about an archaeologist who had a supernatural experience with Jesus himself and learned that the Bible is the literal Word of God.

Jennifer is a biblical archaeologist and spent years excavating in the most beautiful places in Israel, including Megiddo (Armageddon) and Jerusalem. She worked for Prof. Israel Finkelstein from Tel Aviv University, the most controversial professor who undermines the Bible in the world today. She helped him find evidence for his book: The Bible Unearthed, which caused thousands of people all over the world to lose their faith. She spent years undermining the Bible until one day, on September 11, 2012, everything changed. During one of her lectures on the archaeology of the tree of life and the history of “God’s wife” she met the great granddaughter of a famous kabbalist, and invited her into her home for one day. As a scientist, Jennifer did not believe in the spirit world or that evil had its own conscious. The first thing the kabbalist said was: “evil doesn’t exist, only negativity,” and then continued with pure love and light as if an angel had come by. But Jennifer did not believe in angels and especially not fallen ones. What was supposed to be one day turned into three months, and little did Jennifer know that the lady was demon possessed by an upper level principality, doing witchcraft in her house, and slowly tying their souls to all kinds of evil agreements.

When they finally got the kabbalist physically out of their house, Jennifer and her husband were attacked by an invisible force that they could not explain. Their entire house was filled with all kinds of witchcraft stuff, the lady’s personal items, and cards were hidden in books. The demons spoke through people, attacked them at night, and even tried to kill them. For five months they went through hell and tried everything to get rid of the evil beings. They cleansed their house and used every new age technique possible. Nothing worked. As an archaeologist Jennifer was shocked by the existence of this invisible world and had no idea what to do. Until one day, on independence day in Holland, someone told her to cast them out in the name of Jesus. She did. Suddenly something changed. Stunned, Jennifer and her husband started wondering why demons listen to Jesus.

And then the miracles started to happen. Suddenly the Bible came to life and it started talking back to the archaeologist! It had character and said: “Follow me.” During this time Jennifer had many dreams and visions revealing a great battle in the spirit world, as if the forces of heaven were surrounding them, protecting them, revealing a literal savior who came to help them and His name was Yeshua-Jesus.

God cornered the archaeologist and her eyes were opened to the spiritual world. As a scientist she was stunned to discover that there were two powers: light and dark. But somehow she had entered on the wrong side. Narnia became real. As Jews they were also shocked to find out that Yeshua-Jesus was indeed the alive and head of the kingdom of light and part of God Himself. They wondered how they could have missed it and slowly realized what had happened in the invisible world 2000 years ago and that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, the son of the living God, who had nailed all the agreements with the darkness to the cross, so they could live. In their case, it was literal.

After accepting Jesus as the Messiah He told Jennifer to be His witness. One month later, shortly after her baptism in a river in Sedona Arizona, she was asked by Dutch national television to speak about her belief. They had no idea what had happened. Her testimony was to be aired on Dutch prime time television on Sunday morning, the exact day that the kabbalist had been expelled from her house one year earlier. Victory day for Jesus.

In 2015 Jennifer was called in a dream to organize a Passover with 400 people under a blood red moon. The journey to this Passover was great miracle and brought together Christians from all different denominations to bless one another at Gods table. Even Iranians and Israelis were blessing one another at this Passover and many people had dreams from God. Afterwards, Jesus called Jennifer to Plant Hope in the hearts of men and she led many prayers groups, gave lectures and organized the Biblical Feasts for the glory of the Messiah Yeshua. This included, several very large Feast of Trumpets where the shofars were blown to announce the Messiah. In 2017 Jennifer founded Plant Hope Israel.

“Though this story sounds like a science fiction-fantasy film. It is a true story, my own testimony. In the last few years I have been to hell and back and God has shown me how His word comes to life. I have literally experienced the spirit world, and now, I long to glorify my savior and share with the world that He is alive.” – Jennifer

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Awestruck by Glory: The testimony of a Biblical archaeologist who has a supernatural encounter with Jesus.


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