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Characteristics of Dreams

Here are some interesting facts about the dreams we had:

  • Simultaneous dreams:
    • My husband and I both had dreams at the same time. We realized the dreams were not our own by recognizing the patterns. My husband and I would both have a dream, at the same time of the night (no matter what we ate the day before!). We would wake up and feel a presence in the room and immediately ask each other what we both dreamed. Therefore we knew it was an outside force influencing us. When two people have the same dream at the same time, you know it cannot be coincidence.
    • We are not the only one in our vicinity who had these dreams. Many people around us also started having dreams, even in different countries, including my sister, my mom, several of Elijah’s brothers, and friends of ours. Many had never had such dreams before.
  • Doorways to another dimension. The dreams showed us pictures of things that were happening in the physical and the spiritual realm. It was as if we could see the battlefield of what was happening spiritually in our dreams.
  • Dreams of light and darkness at the same time. In the beginning we often felt attacked in our dreams, but immediately afterwards we could feel the Lord’s presence. We started noticing that often, the presence of God would come before or after an attack. This showed how when we were attacked by evil spirits in a dream, afterwards God showed up and helped us. Sometimes it also happened the other way around. God gave us a great promise in a dream and afterwards we had a dream where the enemy would try and steal the promise or try to make us doubt His word.
  • Most of the dreams we had were on a sunday, monday, thursday or friday (shabbat).
  • Most of the dreams were between the 1st to the 6th of the month, and especcially on the 5th.
  • Most dreams occurred during the Biblical holidays, which are aligned with the moon calendar.
  • The dreams were very clear and different than regular dreams.
  • Other patterns that we noticed is that the dreams would come early in the night, around three o’clock, or early in the morning.
  • We would often wake up and see the time next to our bed was 3:33 or 2:22 or 1:11.
  • Seeing and hearing. We saw many beautiful things in our dreams. You can see a piece of paper and suddenly you see writing on it and then your focus goes to it and suddenly you can read it. We have also seen that dreams from God work with both vision and hearing at the same time. While you are focused on watching a vision in a dream, you can simultaneously hear a voice speaking to you. It is this mix of seeing and hearing that God has used most often in my dreams.

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