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Meaning of Dreams

There are many christian books about the meaning of dreams. I do not intend to give a complete overview of the meaning of dreams. I will only cover here some of the things we have learned:

Warning Dreams:

God uses some dreams to show you what is happening in the spirit realm and warn you of attacks from the enemy. Sometimes he also gives dreams meant for someone else, so you can warn them (For example Hadassah’s dream in Awestruck by Glory).

Prophetic Dreams:

Sometimes God uses dreams to show you the future or ask you to pray for something that will come to pass.

Promises in Dreams:

God can use your dreams to give you a promise. This is how he promised Abraham a great nation. And he promised Solomon great wealth in a dream. after he chose only wisdom.

Temptation Dreams:

The enemy can come to you in your dreams and tempt you with images and feelings (See also Ditsinguising between good and bad dreams)

Psychological Dreams:

Many dreams just show what you are spiritually going through and what you can do about it. They show your own fears, your own desires and dreams, or dissapointments. Sometimes at the end of these dreams God will add a scene which will give you the solution to that problem.

Images in Dreams:

Images in dreams can be very personal or they can be general things with clear meaning, coming from God. The Lord often uses things images we know to speak to us, so that it helps us associate with them.

  • White Glory: means divine
  • Black usually is a sign of the enemy. Witchcraft can cause many strange dreams.
  • People: we have noticed that God uses people in dreams to tell you something or how spirits are working through people (both sides).
  • Animals: There are many animals in dreams, both from the dark side and from the light. This does not mean that the animals are bad, but rather that the spirit uses that form. From the dark side we have had dreams of: snakes, scorpions, centerpedes, monkeys, birds, storks. From the light: The holy Spirit can come as a dove.
  • Transportion vehicles: cars, trucks, boots, planes , Show where you are going.
  • Mountains, valleys: Your spritual journey with the Lord, going up to the prescence of the Lord.
  • Rivers:
  • Floods
  • Baby’s
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