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Reincarnation Debunked

Reincarnation is the belief that humans and /or animals have previous lives and that we have many more lives in the future. It is a basic belief of many religions and also integrated into Kabbala. It is often based on spiritual experiences and a persons so called ability to remember previous lives. However, reincarnation is a great deception which the devil uses to get people away from God. Understanding the spirit realm debunks all kinds of theories about reincarnation.

In the past I started believing in reincarnation through Jewish teaching. In Kabbala the soul reincarnates until it is made perfect with God and then can have eternal life. As opposed to other religions, in Kabbala it is believed this can only go through humans, who reach God through perfection. The problem of this belief is that it still doesn’t deal with the payment for sins. The soul cannot get better if sins are not paid for in the spirit realm, and therefore perfection can never be reached. Another reason I use to believe in reincarnation is that I noticed people around me had memories from one or more previous lives. Therefore when I met an occulist, there was something so familiar it felt as if I had met the person in a previous life. Like a Deja Vu.

However through my experience with the spirit realm I learned that evil spirits do not have bodies, but they can go into people and influence them, give them thoughts and even memories. These demons do have a memory. Demons can have a memory of thousands of years back, and even remember the things that happened to all the people they possessed. The occultist that attacked us laughed at people who thought they had past lives and had their own memories, knowing it was just a form of manipulation. I learned that demons go into people and give them memories that the demons have from other people and then make humans think that it is their own memory. In actuality, it was not their memory that people experienced, but the demons memories. It is through this I learned that reincarnation really didn’t exist, but that people having memories of a previous life were having the memories of a demon. Reincarnation is a lie the devil has told us in order get us away from God.

God created us all to be unique. We each have one body, spirit and a soul and free will. But because of sin, our soul fell. We cannot reach God by ourselves, because we have all been deceived and sinned and this must be dealt with. Through Jesus’ blood the soul is made whole and can come and commune with God again. The soul has passed from death to eternal life.

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