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Near Death Experiences (NDE’s)

There are many different theories about what happens after death. Atheists believe their bodies just go to the earth and that is the end. Different religions have different stories and explanations. How do we know the truth? In Holland there is a saying: “No one knows  what really happens after death because no one has ever returned.”

However this is not true! … Many have.

There are many people who have experienced death and returned. Thousands of people all over the word who have had near death experiences. They literally died for a time period and then came back to life. It was not their brain continuing on, giving them images, because in many cases they were already brain dead, and doctors have said this is impossible. Some of these people are Doctors themselves and they describe what happened to them or to their patients. According to John Burke in the book Imagine Heaven there was a gallup poll in 1982 reporting that 8 million people have had Near Death Experiences. Studies in Germany and America show there 4.2 percent of people have NDE, one out every 25 people (Imagine Heaven pg. 37).

Some people say, we shouldn’t take these stories seriously, but the amount of people that have had them, and their common experiences prove that there is life after death. It proves that spirits leave our bodies and there is consciousness outside our body. These experiences destroy atheism and show that there is so much more out there!

Amazingly, these people have experienced the same thing, no matter what religion or background they come from! Some describe a tunnel, others a garden of peace. I had often heard stories about the tunnels people experience and wondered what was behind the tunnel? Did anyone ever come back after they entered the tunnel? They did!

Many of the experiences of these people have things in common, some describe a dark hell and others describe a heavenly place. This is what their heavenly stories have in common (see Imagine Heaven pg. 46):

  • An out of body experience. They often speak about their spirit going out of their bodies and watching their own bodies from a distance as if it was from someone else. Their consciousness goes outside their body.
  • They speak about a tunnel and that their spirit goes into the tunnel and floats towards the light.
  • They describe immense beauty and gardens.
  • They describe heightened senses and intense emotions.
  • Their meet beings of light and family and friends.
  • They experience a difference in time and dimension.
  • They experience exhilarating love and peace.
  • Many receive a life review in which they see different parts of their life.
  • Many meet Jesus and experience his love and light
  • They are sometimes sent back and suddenly are back in their bodies.

Not all the stories are good. Some have experienced hell, and describe demons pulling their bodies, and extreme horror. Miraculously they come back and change their life completely. They speak about the light of Jesus which saved them out of the darkness.

Yishai at Passover 2015 “Awestruck by Glory”

These stories come from all over the globe, some were sceptic atheists and some have different religions. The fact that these people experience the same thing all over the world shows that the spirit realm is very real, God is real, Jesus is real and there is life after death. This should give us immense hope!

In Awestruck by Glory I describe the testimony of Yishai, a 25th generation Jew from Jerusalem. When Yishai was in his twenties he had a motorcycle accident in Jerusalem. He went to the hospital and died for 20 minutes. He told me that he had left his body and walked in a beautiful land, and there he had met Yeshua. At the time, Yishai wanted to stay in heaven, but Yeshua told him he had to go back and had things to do on earth.

Below are links to the stories of docters, children and others who have experienced life after death. Yes, many of these people are now Christians and pastors. This because one touch with the divine changed their life forever and most have met Jesus on the other side.

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