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Can all Religions be Right?

Is there a truth behind all spirituality in the world? If we think differently how can we all be right? Or is everyone’s spirituality truth?

In the past I believed God was some great force -EIN SOF- “Endless”, that could actually be reached through many religions. And I thought that any religion, which said it knew the only “Way” to God, was very arrogant. I thought, no religion really knew the truth, and in each religion, there was a way to get to know God. Therefore, we had to accept all religions and what people believed in became true for them. I use to believe there was one God, but that there were many ways to God, that can be reached through different religions. I just couldn’t imagine there was only one way and wanted to respect each belief system. I thought that saying only one religion was true, was not fair to the other religions. In essence I thought all religions were right, in the past and in the present and that each religion was an expression of finding a way to God. I also used to think that people who thought they knew the only way to God were actually selfish, ignorant and especially intolerant of other people’s beliefs. In todays’ world there is so much violence happening in the name of religion, and people thinking they are right. Therefore, many people are blaming religious fanaticism for all the wrongs in the world. There are people who now say that all religions and beliefs are bad, because it makes people crazy thinking they are right and others are wrong. I thought that no one really had the answers and nobody understood God or the spirit realm. That no-one lives without doubt. That everyone had questions left opened. But after experiencing the spirit realm I found out I was wrong.

But I also wondered: Was there a truth behind all spirituality in the world? If we think differently how can we all be right? Or is everyone’s spirituality truth?

The truth is, we cannot all be right….

Our religions are all very different from each other, with different leaders, and different ideas about the supernatural. For example, there is no way that both Christianity and Hinduism can both be right, for one excludes the other. This is not about making up a religion that will make everyone happy. This is about the truth in the universe. Even if it was all about reaching the light by loving one another, then the ways are too different to be real. When you are confronted with the spirit world you find out there is a truth behind all mythology and religion. Though it is a wonderful thought that God can be reached through all religions, the truth is, this is not reality. The stories of ghosts, spirits, demons, and jinn’s, are very real and show us that there are two powers in the spiritual world.

Derek Prince says:  “Casting out demons demonstrated two important spiritual truths. First, it revealed the existence of two opposing spiritual kingdoms: The kingdom of God and the Kingdom of darkness. Secondly, it demonstrated the victory of God’s kingdom over Satan’s kingdom” (They Shall Expel Demons, Derek Prince, 1998 pg. 10.)

This is reality: if you go into a haunted house, you cannot cast demons out in the name of Allah, or in the name of Buddha! You can only do it in the name of Jesus. If you try it in the name of Allah, the demons will laugh at you; neither will they listen to you if you say the name of the goddess Shiva. The only way to make them leave is by commanding them to leave in the name of Jesus because they are terrified of Him. One mention of His name and they scatter!

In all different religions there are different names for demons: Jinns, spirits etc. All of these “spirits” simply do not listen if you cast them out in the name of anyone except Jesus. Demons in the Far East listen to the name of Jesus. Even in remote villages that have never seen westerners, the spirits will listen to the name of Jesus. All over the world, no matter what you believe, these demons know Jesus. Their greatest fear is that humans will realize who He is and cast them out in His Name. When we were attacked by demons, we tried all kinds of things from all different customs to get rid of the demons. Nothing worked until someone told us to cast them out in the name of Jesus… and then they left! The demons were terrified of Jesus. They did not listen to Allah, Buddha, Shiva or even Jewish prayers, but they knew Jesus and He was their enemy.

There are many good people in the world filled who are filled with love. There are good Jews who love God. There are good Muslims, good Hindu’s, good Indians, and good Christians. In each religion there are good and bad people. Some religions claim to be more about love than others. However, just being a good person does not lead us to God. I am not saying this to be arrogant or religious. It is just how the spirit realm works. Good people can also be attacked by demons, witchcraft and evil spirits. When they are attacked, they have no protection or authority over the darkness. They have no defense or resistance. The demons can run all over them and make their life miserable. Once Jesus is invited in, it becomes a different realm.

Light casts out the darkness.

Just being good and loving was not enough to save  people from demons. This does not mean demons don’t attack Christians, because they often do. However, Jesus often protects His people, and if the Christians know their authority in Christ they can cast them out! This does not mean the “church” as an institution is always right. History has shown, that the church has hurt many people but it was not God who did that. It was religion and people who misinterpreted God looking for their own power. It is about Jesus, a relationship with Him and trusting in Him to set us free.

It is through all these experiences that I realized that God could only be reached through Jesus, and the other religions were in fact just false teachings. I don’t want to sound arrogant about it, or to diminish in anyway respect for other cultures. Allah did not save us, neither did Buddha or Shiva. As I wrote before, in the spirit world there are contracts, agreements, and permissions.

Then you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32)

When this archaeologist was confronted by a spiritual world there was a price to be paid and Jesus had paid for it. There is only ONE who has paid the price for our freedom. There is only one that truly sets us free, and in the spirit world they know who He is: Jesus.

When Jesus said He was the only way, He didn’t say it to be judgemental or prejudice against other religions. He loves all people and said it to SAVE us from the darkness. Like it or not darkness exists and cannot coexist in “peace” with light. Real peace only exists when light wins. The truth is only in Jesus because for real freedom to exist, evil must be defeated… and only Jesus did that.

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