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The Feast of Trumpets and the coronation of the King

What does the Feast of Trumpets have to do with the coronation of the kings of Israel, the coming of Yeshua and your own coronation?

One of the main themes of the Feast of Trumpets is that this is the day of the coronation of the kings of Israel. In ancient Israel, the kings of Israel were crowned on this day, and their reign began immediately afterward. That is why the number of years of government in ancient Israel were counted from the Feast of Trumpets.

The Bible says that this was the day that Solomon was crowned, the day Jehu was crowned, and Jehoash as well (I Kings 1:34). The dedication of the kings of Israel was a special ceremony. When the king entered, the Shofar was blown, meaning “The king is coming and will be crowned today, his government has started.” It was a proclamation of his kingship and then the king was given the scepter as a sign of his authority. He was anointed with oil and crowned and after the ceremony they blew the Shofar again and said, “Solomon is king.” This was the sign that the king’s government had begun.

Where were the kings of Israel crowned?

The coronation of the kings of Israel usually happened at the Gihon spring in the City of David in Jerusalem. Amazingly, in recent years archaeologists have excavated here and discovered a sacred location above the spring. Four small chambers have been found built against the city. On the right side there was an olive press where they made olive oil for anointing. In the middle there was an altar for sacrifices. To the left was a chamber with grooves in the ground that was probably used for a wooden installation to prepare animals for sacrifice. To the left from the center was also a room with an upright stone placed in small stones that reminds us of Jacob’s dream in Bethel. Archaeologists believe this area was in all likelihood the place where the kings of Israel were crowned, next to the spring, on the Feast of Trumpets.

Physical and spiritual meaning

Like many stories in the Bible, the coronation of the kings of Israel has both a physical and a spiritual meaning. The stories are also relevant in the past and in the present and are also prophetic. The coronation of kings is a prophetic story about Jesus’ kingdom on earth and when He will literally return on the Feast of Trumpets as King of kings. And it has spiritual significance for the present because when we accept Him as our Lord, He already rules as king in our hearts and gives us His authority to rule in the spirit world.

A physical return

On the Feast of Trumpets Jews celebrate that God rules as King of kings. Jesus is the King of Israel and the Messiah. He fulfilled the first four festivals with His life when He first came to earth. Therefore, it also makes sense that this is the day when the Messiah, the Son of God, will be crowned, and He will come to begin His government on earth.

When He returns, He will not come as a servant but as a King and on that day He will be crowned immediately. Of course we don’t know exactly what day He is coming, but the Feast of Trumpets is a preparation for His anointing as King on earth, and at the same time a reminder of His kingship in our hearts. Some people also think Yeshua will be crowned King in heaven (Revelation 5) on the Feast of Trumpets.

When He first came, during Passover, they mocked and humiliated Him by hanging a sign over his head that said “King of the Jews”. They put a crown of thorns on His head. He was raised on a cross instead of a throne. He was laughed at and took on all our shame. This had to be done so that He could overcome the darkness and then rule the earth. He was the King who overcame death for us with His love. Yeshua Messiah Ben Joseph (son of Joseph) fulfilled the first 4 feasts with His death and resurrection, and the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit exactly. This means that He became the feasts and the main events of His life happened on the feasts. In this way He will also fulfill the 5th feast on earth… the Feast of Trumpets, when His return is announced. But He will not come in shame this time, but He will come as the King of kings!



Yeshua Messiah Ben David

This time He does not come as the humiliated son of Joseph but as the Conqueror and the rightful King, Messiach Melech Ben David (The Messiah King Son of David).

His return will be announced with the sound of the Trumpet.

Spiritually this also has a meaning: His government reigns in You

The Feast of Trumpets also has spiritual significance for us. For the kingdom of God is in you and through the Holy Spirit, God can already rule in us now. We are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and your heart is the gate. God asks you, “Open your gate! Open your door and ask the King of Glory to come in and rule over your life. ” He wants to be King of your heart. He reigns in you through His Spirit and gives you His scepter and you will reign with him. In this case, it is not just His coronation day, but also YOUR CORONATION DAY. If you have invited Him into your heart as King, and asked Him to rule over your life, then He gives you all authority over darkness, for He has already paid the price with His death and resurrection. Instead of living out of fear, you can live from His authority and His love. Don’t live like a victim! Live like a conqueror! Do not live in fear of what darkness might do to you, but as a courageous lion who sends away darkness and heralds the Kingdom of God.

Lift the gates

Open your heart

reign with Him

Stand in your Authority

The Golden gate in Jerusalem, where the Messiah will return.

Yeshua lets us rule in His Kingdom, as kings and queens, so that the Holy Spirit can go to everyone. The Kingship of Yeshua is eternal, it is both spiritual and physical, it is for NOW and for everyone!

Kings are crowned in His Kingdom on the Feast of Trumpets. Biblically, this is the day that the crown is put on and we can live as kings, from His authority. Of course, we can live as kings in His Kingdom every day of the year and we are meant to rule at all times! (A king does that too). The biblical festivals are there to help us remember God’s time and His plan of salvation and His promises. Just as we are reminded at Pentecost (Shavuot) that the Holy Spirit has come, we remember on the Feast of Trumpets that JESUS ​​IS KING in us and is also coming back! This is the day that we remember that He passed us the scepter and said: “rule over the earth.”

So do as He did:

“Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and expel demons. For freely you have received, and freely you must give. ” (Matthew 10: 8).

Start using the authority He has given you to set others free and spread His Kingdom.

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