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Fighting demons in your dreams

When we are asleep our spirit is awake and the spirit world can reach us easily. In the beginning when we were being attacked by demons in our dreams, we felt helpless. It felt like I could not do anything about it, because in your dreams you are not conscious and aware and therefore it is difficult to use your free will to stop it. I remember praying many nights for the Lord to help me become aware of the things happening in my dreams so I could fight the demons and  cry out for His protection. I had to learn to fight demons in my dreams.

In some dreams the Lord just opened our eyes and showed us what was going on. In other dreams, the demons would attack us in the form of a being or often in the form of an animal (This says nothing about the animals, but only that this is the image she used to come to us). I found out that sorcerers and witches come and manifest in the spiritual realm in your dreams. This was especially to scare us so that we wouldn’t talk. Sometimes, they would also come and try to seduce us in our dreams with gifts, knowledge, beauty or anything else they could think of to get us away from Jesus.

To fight the demons attacking us, we had to learn to become conscious of our dreams, and to actively influence our dreams with our free will while we were asleep. In our dreams we can call on Jesus and consciously take authority over the demons.

Quoting scripture in your sleep

Gods word is powerful and demons flee when it is quoted in Jesus name. I learned that this is the reason why it’s good to memorize scriptures. When we quote Gods Word we remind the enemy of his defeat. When we are attacked in our dreams we can quote scripture without thinking about it. We have to know the scriptures so well, that they are grafted into our subconscious and can be used at any time, even when we are asleep.

I especially used the words of Jesus in my dreams, the armor of God mentioned in Ephesians 6, the words of the prophet Isaiah and the Psalms. God saved us many times in our dreams. As if the battle was happening in another dimension, which we could only see through our dreams.

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